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Is Tattoo Removal safe during Pregnancy?

If you’re considering  getting  tattoo removal while pregnant, Rethink that!    We understand you are probably itching to have it removed before cute little bubba comes into this world. It’s imperative that you keep safety considerations top of mind.

So is it safe?  The short answer is that the risk to your baby’s health with laser tattoo removal is low, with no research to suggest there’s a risk. However, it isn’t 100% impossible for laser tattoo removal to be unsafe for you or your baby. For the risks explained below, we do not perform laser tattoo removal on pregnant women.

1. Ink absorption

The […]

What not to do before your laser tattoo removal treatment

Tattoo removal is now more effective than ever before. It’s normal to feel excited and anxious about your first treatment.  It can help to be aware of some things not to do before your laser  tattoo removal treatments.
Do not expose your tattoo to the sun
The most important thing we can tell you is the keep your tattoo out of the sun, preferably for the duration of your treatments.  It might not seem like a big deal but exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun can increase the natural production of melanin and vitamin D. Melanin soaks up radiation and causes […]

Laser Tattoo Removal vs Tattoo Removal Creams – Whats the verdict?

We will tell you why tattoo removal creams simply don’t work!
Tattoo removal creams claim to remove tattoos quick and easy but the truth is, they do not work. You are often left with a damaged area of your skin that looks worse than the tattoo you regret. Tattoo removal creams are expensive and contain ingredients that bleach the skin or they have stringent acids that are said to “pull out” the tattoo ink.  The topical tattoo removal creams can’t touch the tattoo ink that resides on the secondary layers of the skin. At best they can only slightly lighten the […]

Sun Exposure and Laser Tattoo Removal

Sun Exposure and Laser Tattoo Removal
If you are undergoing laser tattoo removal treatment, it is highly recommended that you avoid sun exposure before, during and after your treatment.

Laser tattoo removal has suffered from a bad reputation the past with many people believing it didn’t work or would take many sessions to make a difference. However, laser technology has improved and contributing factors to tattoo removal are now better understood. Things like skin tone and ink quality as well as the size, location and age of the tattoo are all taken into consideration.

Sun exposure is an important factor that affects the […]

Why are professionals removing their tattoos?

Why are Professionals Removing Their Tattoos?

There are quite a few reasons why people choose to remove tattoos which can include, dodgy artwork, out of fashion tattoos, starting a family, a new partner, but the one of the most common reasons is usually for career advancement or a new job.


1. Applying for The Armed Forces, Police or Fire

We see many young people trying to get into the armed forces, police or fire departments.  No matter which branch they are trying for, each and every one of them do not allow hand or neck tattoos. Both the Police and Fire Department have […]

Onda Coolwaves Cellulite, Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening

Reduces, Remodels, Regenerates: the 3 actions of  Onda Coolwaves™
With the ultra new Onda Coolwaves™ microwave technology, ONDA® reduces localised fat cells whilst tightening and remodelling the skin: firming up the tissue with a regenerating, but non-invasive, action that lasts over time. Welcome to the next generation of body-sculpting devices….
Localized Fat – Cellulite – Tightening.
Three effects in one, and the results are immediately visible and long lasting.
Onda Coolwaves™ is effective on the body, in particular the torso, abdomen and thighs. Its action is deep and targeted: the heat concentrates only were needed, without damaging nearby skin. Whilst eliminating adipose (fat) cells, it also stimulates […]

Laser tattoo removal in winter is perfect!

Starting your laser tattoo removal in Winter is perfect. It’s always best to start laser tattoo removal treatments sooner rather than later. Winter is the easiest time of the year to recover from laser sessions. Here’s why:
You’ll Be Out of the Sun
We will always advise you to stay out of the sun before and after your laser tattoo removal treatment.  Being sunburnt or tanned will make your skin more sensitive than usual.  You will likely experience extreme irritation during your laser session. Peeling and blistering during the healing process are also more likely to occur on tanned or burned skin and […]

Can you get rid of face tattoos with laser tattoo removal?

Tattoos have definitely become more  accepted  in todays society but  face tattoos still carry a rather negative stigma. Our tattoo clients have told us it makes it harder to find a job, harder to get a date and they also come along with no so great stereotypes, like criminal or drug dealer. They are keen to get face tattoo laser removal.

Having an unwanted tattoo that you can hide with a jacket or a pair of pants is nothing compared to the regret one feels when someone has unwanted ink right there on their face for everyone to see. So, YES […]

Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation

During the laser tattoo removal process, you may notice slight or distinct changes in the skin on or surrounding the area, these are called Hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Do not despair, you really nothing to worry about, as changes in skin pigmentation are common when tattoo removal is involved.
What is Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation?
In hyperpigmentation, there will be patches of darkened skin which is, skin that is shades darker than your original color. In hypopigmentation, the opposite occurs. Patches of lightened skin appear, meaning it’s in a shade lighter than your skin tone.

These pigment-related changes happen due to the various light wavelengths […]

Prepare for your Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment at Rethink Laser

You’ve decided to get rid of that tattoo well it’s now time to learn how to prepare for your first laser tattoo removal session. To get the best possible results, there are some things you should do prior to your treatment and some activities to avoid. Mental preparation can be helpful, too, and should begin several weeks prior to your appointment, so be sure not to wait until the last minute to get the skin surrounding your unwanted ink ready for treatment.

Consider these tips below and get ready now….

Do Your Research
The first thing you should do to prepare for laser […]

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