Picoway Fractional Laser Resurfacing

We are excited to offer Picoway fractional laser resurfacing treatments. Your Fractional Resurfacing treatment is performed using our award-winning Fractional  laser, which, as the name suggests, targets just a ‘fraction’ of the skin at a time.

The  Fractional Laser Treatments use soft tissue coagulation and non-ablative skin resurfacing. This highly effective treatment will deliver light in an array of high precision micro beams. The beams penetrate into the dermis in narrow columns coagulating tissue. This activates the natural formation of healthy tissue and cellular debris is naturally eliminated as the skin is resurfaced. This allows the surrounding skin to remain intact, resulting in rapid recovery and minimal downtime.

Your skin may appear red, swollen and may form some crusting after treatment, this usually subsides in 1 to 3 days. Treatments take approximately 30 mins and we recommend 6 weeks minimum between treatments. Your skin will gradually improve over 8-12 weeks and continue after further treatments. We recommend using a topical anaesthetic cream prior to the treatment. We can give you information about purchasing this before your appointment.

Interested for more information on Fractional Laser Treatments, please drop us an email

Fractional laser resurfacing treatments
  • Even skin tone

  • Firms and tightens

  • Reduce acne scarring

  • Minimise lines and wrinkles

  • Reverse sun damage

  • Improve skin texture

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