Laser Tattoo Removal vs Tattoo Removal Creams – Whats the verdict?

We will tell you why tattoo removal creams simply don’t work!
Tattoo removal creams claim to remove tattoos quick and easy but the truth is, they do not work. You are often left with a damaged area of your skin that looks worse than the tattoo you regret. Tattoo removal creams are expensive and contain ingredients that bleach the skin or they have stringent acids that are said to “pull out” the tattoo ink.  The topical tattoo removal creams can’t touch the tattoo ink that resides on the secondary layers of the skin. At best they can only slightly lighten the […]

Sun Exposure and Laser Tattoo Removal

Sun Exposure and Laser Tattoo Removal
If you are undergoing laser tattoo removal treatment, it is highly recommended that you avoid sun exposure before, during and after your treatment.

Laser tattoo removal has suffered from a bad reputation the past with many people believing it didn’t work or would take many sessions to make a difference. However, laser technology has improved and contributing factors to tattoo removal are now better understood. Things like skin tone and ink quality as well as the size, location and age of the tattoo are all taken into consideration.

Sun exposure is an important factor that affects the […]

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