Reduces, Remodels, Regenerates: the 3 actions of  Onda Coolwaves™

With the ultra new Onda Coolwaves™ microwave technology, ONDA® reduces localised fat cells whilst tightening and remodelling the skin: firming up the tissue with a regenerating, but non-invasive, action that lasts over time. Welcome to the next generation of body-sculpting devices….

Localized Fat – Cellulite – Tightening.
Three effects in one, and the results are immediately visible and long lasting.

Onda CoolwavesOnda Coolwaves™ is effective on the body, in particular the torso, abdomen and thighs. Its action is deep and targeted: the heat concentrates only were needed, without damaging nearby skin. Whilst eliminating adipose (fat) cells, it also stimulates cellular metabolic processes and collagen production.

Localised fat deposits dissolve thanks to the coolwaves that burst subcutaneous adipose cell membranes. Stimulation of physiological metabolic processes (lipolysis) then eliminate the lysate.

Microwaves effectively act on connective tissue surrounding adipose lobules in more advanced of cellulite stages (“orange peel” effect).

Collagen fibres in the lower layers of skin immediately contract and collagen production is boosted. This tightens and smooths the tissue, firming up saggy skin.

Each treatment covers a 15x15cm area and takes approximately 10 minutes. It is possible to have multiple (up to 8) areas treated in each session.

This body sculpting treatment is not a weight loss therapy, but is designed for adults with excess stubborn areas of fat, with loose skin or with resistant cellulite.

Are Onda Coolwaves safe?

People are often concerned about whether microwaves are safe. Differently from a microwave oven, the microwaves emitted by Onda® emission are highly controlled. The microwaves from Onda® are not free-range; they are both emitted and return back to the specially designed, patent-pending handpiece. This allows us to have a very precise depth of action, and to avoid any random, uncontrolled transmission in the body. No organs or tissues other than the target fat and lower skin layers are touched by the microwaves. This makes Onda® a very safe system.
Moreover, the handpieces work only when they are in contact with the skin. Therefore, if the handpiece is not in full contact, it will stop emitting, ensuring complete control of the energy delivery.