face tattoo laser removalTattoos have definitely become more  accepted  in todays society but  face tattoos still carry a rather negative stigma. Our tattoo clients have told us it makes it harder to find a job, harder to get a date and they also come along with no so great stereotypes, like criminal or drug dealer. They are keen to get face tattoo laser removal.

Having an unwanted tattoo that you can hide with a jacket or a pair of pants is nothing compared to the regret one feels when someone has unwanted ink right there on their face for everyone to see. So, YES you can get rid of face tattoos with laser tattoo removal.

Professional Tattoos Need More Laser Treatments

If your face or neck tattoo was done by a pro, expect to need five or more laser treatments. This is due to both the high quality of the ink as well as the likeliness that a professional will use multiple colours for shading and highlighting. When a tattoo is done at home or in prison, it can be removed fairly easily, sometimes in just a single laser session. This is because the ink isn’t resting very deep within the layers of the skin, and rarely makes it to the  dermis, which is the deepest layer of the skin. Additionally, the quality of the ink tends to be poor and isn’t designed to last like the ink used by a professional.

The Face is More Sensitive

If you’ve had laser tattoo removal done before, then you’re familiar with the mild discomfort that comes with each treatment. Most people compare it to the sensation of getting the tattoo initially. Since there is very little fat to cushion the face, you will likely experience more discomfort than you would when having a tattoo removed from anywhere else on the body.  It’s not all bad though, we have a Zimmer cooling device and you can purchase some numbing cream.

You’ll See Results Quickly

Laser tattoo removal works by targeting the pigment in the ink and breaking it up into smaller particles. This causes the body to eliminate the particles through our natural waste system, as they do with any other foreign object. It’s for this reason that any tattoo close to the heart will fade faster, as the particles are taken away in the bloodstream right away. Since the head and neck have a large vascular supply, you’ll notice that your tattoo fades faster than it would on other parts of the body. Not only does this leave you with a higher success rate, but any swelling or blistering that occurs will heal faster on the neck and face as well.