We have upgraded to a brand new Quanta Evo Q Plus C laser from the wonderful team at Aussie Medi Tech.

This is the world’s most powerful tattoo removal laser platform with three wavelengths

Q-Switched Platform (532nm) with Nd:YAG (1064nm) & Ruby (694nm) Laser

No other laser device removes more tattoo pigments than the Q-PLUS EVO. Delivering three powerful laser wavelengths, including the world’s fastest Ruby laser at 3Hz, the Q-PLUS EVO is the industry’s premier platform for multi-coloured tattoo removal.

The Q-PLUS Quanta EVO laser combines Q-switched Nd:YAG (1064/532nm) & Ruby (694nm) to ensure quick, comfortable treatment while removing ALL treatable tattoos.

Proven, clinical results for all treatable tattoo colours, including greens, blues & reds
Unique Tri-wavelength laser with one of the fastest repetition rates on the market, variable up to 10Hz

NEW Optipulse mode increases energy emission by 50% to make treatment faster, more effective and much more comfortable for clients Powerful Q-Switched Laser Technology


The OPTIBEAM® II handpiece ensures a perfect FLAT TOP beam profile, thanks to its advanced optical technology, able to distribute the power of the laser homogeneously across the output beam profile. This then results in less skin trauma and decreases the incidence of side effects.

Easier and more precise coverage of the entire treatment area is possible, which, because it avoids unwanted overlapping, can result in up to 20% reduction in treatment downtime in tattoo removal compared to traditional spot shapes.

Benefits of the OPTIBEAM II homogenous Flat Top Beam Profile:

Faster Healing time
Safer treatment without any “hot points”
Reduced risk of complications
Comfortable sessions

With the extremely short pulse duration and high peak power, the Q-Switched laser source can efficiently generate a photo-acoustic effect and considerably reduce thermal interaction with surrounding tissue especially in Laser Tattoo Removal and Pigmented Lesions Treatments. Consequently, undesired tattoos and pigmentations on the skin can be fragmented into small particles to be naturally removed from the body through phagocytosis.

Quanta Q Plus C Evo