Our Brand New Quanta Evo Q Plus C Laser from Italy

We have upgraded to a brand new Quanta Evo Q Plus C laser from the wonderful team at Aussie Medi Tech.

This is the world’s most powerful tattoo removal laser platform with three wavelengths

Q-Switched Platform (532nm) with Nd:YAG (1064nm) & Ruby (694nm) Laser

No other laser device removes more tattoo pigments than the Q-PLUS EVO. Delivering three powerful laser wavelengths, including the world’s fastest Ruby laser at 3Hz, the Q-PLUS EVO is the industry’s premier platform for multi-coloured tattoo removal.

The Q-PLUS Quanta EVO laser combines Q-switched Nd:YAG (1064/532nm) & Ruby (694nm) to ensure quick, comfortable treatment while removing ALL treatable tattoos.

Proven, clinical […]

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