Can you remove a part of my tattoo?

modification on tattoo Sometimes you might love SOME of your tattoo but not ALL of it. If this is you, we can remove parts of your tattoo that are longer necessary, wanted or liked. We might remove an ex’s name, a spelling mistake, some bad shading or you might just want to update your tattoo. We can do all of it! At Rethink Tattoo Removal our job is to make clients feel well cared for, help them meet their goals and make the process of laser tattoo removal as easy as possible.

How does it work? The laser treats an area in a square pattern ranging from 2mm to 5mm in size. The laser can be also range in speed from 1-10 shots per second. If the laser uses a small diameter and slower speed we can be very precise and laser only designated sections of your tattoo, to get rid of your wanted ink but leaving the parts you like intact.

What are some of the most common partial tattoos removed? We definitely see a lot of ex’s name be removed and replaced with something else, spelling mistakes and shading are just some common requests.

Pictured right is a tattoo from one of our clients, the date was wrong so we have lasered that off for the correct date to be put into place.

Rethink offers free consultations, so come in and see us if you don’t love your WHOLE tattoo. We can go over the entire procedure and pricing and discuss any concerns or queries you may have.